We invite you to become a sponsor of Preservation Sacramento, the largest historic preservation advocacy group in the Sacramento region dedicated to protecting Sacramento’s historic places through advocacy, outreach, and activism.

Depending on the type of sponsorship you choose, your sponsorship will be used to:

    • Subsidize the cost participants pay to attend Preservation Sacramento Events.
    • Assist Preservation Sacramento in hosting training opportunities which spark innovation, collaboration, and connects the area’s advocacy, preservation, development, and planning communities. 
    • Support Preservation Sacramento’s administrative functions, including its website, membership management, and publications. 

Sponsor Benefits

Preservation Sacramento 

P.O. Box 162140  |  Sacramento, California  95816  |  916-202-4815  |  preservation.sacramento@gmail.com

Preservation Sacramento is a 501(c)(4).

Any donations can not be deducted from your income taxes, but all donations will go towards preserving Sacramento's historic places.

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